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To educate everyone about money, savings, and their personal finances. We believe the first step to financial freedom is to encourage savings effortlessly and to watch your savings grow.

This is the start of building a strong foundation for a secure future. Our mission is to make available the resources to everyone so that they can acquire the knowledge needed to be financially free.

On this web site you will find information that you may or may not know. Chances are if you are not saving already, you don't have the information you need.

Our Story

Our intentions are to build an app where everyone can save money without going out of their way to do so and without paying someone to do it. We are giving you the tools to be able to do this on your own through all stages of life in doing so you will be able to  save for what is important to you at any given time.

Watching your money grow by doing nothing will make you wanting more. Motivating you to put in the extra effort to save!

Coming soon is another innovative idea from your friends at Saving Sense that will help you be able to have the money you need when you need it.

How it works

Anytime you use your checking account or debit card, it will round up to the next dollar and the difference will automatically go into your savings account!

Congratulations you just saved effortlessly. Sit back and watch your money grow!

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Example: I buy a sandwich for $3.25 using my debit card to pay for it. Our app will round the purchase up to the next dollar in this case $4.00. The rounded up cents ($0.75) will go directly into your savings account. It's that simple.

I know, I know, you don't have a savings account. Easy, call your bank and tell them you want to start a saving account. Banks will offer different minimums on how much you will need to start a savings account. For most banks the minimum amount to open a savings account is $20 while maintaining a $300 balance. Your saving account is now opened! In order to reach the initial $300 minimum most banks will allow you to deposit $20 a month until you reach that minimum balance. With the help of $aving $ense you will reach this requirement and potentially much much more in no time! Starting to make $ense yet?

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