All I want for my birthday is a sugar momma!?!?

College Debt has millions turning to sugar daddies

Sugar Daddies are not just candies anymore! This is a must read!Image result for sugar daddiesThe student debt crisis in the U.S. has gotten so bad that there’s a growing group of young women, and some men, who are taking an unconventional approach to paying for college.Through dating websites like seeking arrangements dot com, sugar babies, as they’re called, partner up with wealthy, often older, men who want to spend money on them.

  • Some 2.5 million sugar babies identified themselves as students in 2016 on seeking arrangements dot com. Many turned to the site to find someone who will pay for their education so they can graduate debt, and worry, free.
  • In exchange, sugar babies go to dinners, attend events, or accompany their sugar daddy, or daddies, on trips. In some cases, they provide companionship or foster a mentor-mentee relationship. In other situations, the terms of the agreement include physical intimacy.

I could not make this stuff up even if I tried. In a society where social media and instant gratification is the norm do you really believe this is a step in the right direction? Women have been fighting for equal rights, respect, and their rightful seat at the mens table for decades. In our tailspin society I feel this is a giant step backwards for what should be our ultimate goal of love, kindness, and a mutual respect for each other. Instead, we as a society, have found a new way to degrade and objectify women and what is more dangerous it is justifiable to some women, even the one’s with a higher education. In my opinion we need to treat sexual harassment, and inappropriate behavior like any other addiction… zero tolerance. Turn on any news channel, look at any major news website, and it is littered with sexual harassment complaints. Our idealism of sex sells comes at a very high price, and it is my opinion until we change our views on this subject it will only get worse and never go away.