So who do we thank for making so many overnight millionaires?

          Who you going to call? Chase? Equifax? Satoshi Nakamoto? 

The aftermath of the “Great Recession” of 2008 still leaves my head spinning. Not only do we the American people only know half of what really happened, but it makes me sick that we are still paying the bill almost a decade later.

  • More than 8 million Americans lost their jobs
  • More than 4 million Americans lost their homes
  • More than 2.5 million business’ closed
  • Countless Americans took their own lives…..
  • In the final two quarters of the recession of 2008, American’s 401(k) and IRA’s lost over 2.4 trillion dollars in their retirement savings.
  • Total cost of the “Great Recession” is estimated anywhere between 5-10 trillion dollars before the dust finally settles. Costing at the bare minimum every American man, women, and child $20,000!

And for what??????

Solution Bitcoin??????

There are to ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword and the other is debt.”

John Adams 1826

Some things will never change and history always has a way of repeating itself.

In 2008 President Obama took over the reigns after G.W. Bush spent most of his time fighting the war on terror in Iraq, simultaneously allowing big banks and our federal government to declare war on US. His slogan was one of a winner, change.. and we all bought it.

Enslaving a nation by the sword: War on terror

Enslaving a nation by debt: The Great Recession

Now the American people are fearful of not only all non Americans because they are deemed to be a threat, but we are all now in debt from the very people we should of been afraid of this whole time our leaders. Greedy corporations, that are controlled and “regulated” by our federal government, which are elected by US to be our public servants in order to make decisions to benefit the American people…

Then our prayers were heard and answered; From our distrust in banks, and large corporations deemed to big to fail, stealing our money. Coupled with large credit card monitoring companies like Equifax, giving our personal information away; The American people enslaved by our very own nation with fear and debt were desperate for answers. In January of 2009 one appeared out of thin air and it is Bitcoins!?!?

Created with only a name Satoshi Nakamoto and a birthday of April 5th. This only because of the published white paper outlining the idea of virtual currency and bitcoin’s sign up protocol, do we even know a name and birthday. There are two theories of why the bitcoin originator stays anonymous: privacy and safety. Privacy from the media and government, and safety from criminals and hackers. Since bitcoins are less like stocks that are regulated by banks and government and more like cash. Anyone can just print off private keys making authorize spending much easier for anyone to steal.


Quick Recap

  • Bitcoin was created right after “The Great Recession” which put many Americans in debt
  • Simultaneously America was changing our commander in chief from one president who publicly  declared a war based on “weapons of mass destruction” instilling fear in every man, women, and child. To a president rallying for change ending the war on terror, but quietly and privately putting our country more into debt.
  • Bitcoin is a currency created anonymously, which is not backed by banks or governments, is a completely decentralized authority, not a commodity, and is non tangible.
  • Furthermore this technology has already been vulnerable to hackers. Used as a unregulated currency for money laundering and drug trafficking. Deemed by the federal government in 2013 as the “criminal currency” that is until our government confiscated thousands of bitcoins after the silk road sting. They are highly volatile… prices going from $700 in December 2016 to anywhere around $18,000- $19,000 in December 2017. Hmmmm…..Makes you think. While you are still processing this information and have your thinking caps on here a few other questions to ponder…

Way of the future? To good to be true? Created by our government? Controlled by another government? Maybe China or North Korea? Virtual Ponzi scheme? What are Bitcoins even worth? Where can you spend them? How do they work?

Stay tuned for my next blog and I will do my best to answer some of these questions and maybe you can understand what bitcoins are all about, because I sure am having a hard time.