Decline of NFL fans for this years Super Bowl

Decline of NFL fans

In my last blog I was sharing about the decline of NFL fans that would be watching the Super Bowl on television.

Just a little follow up on the Super Bowl viewers this year, related to my last post.

So here is an article on the stats of the Super Bowl.   I was curious as to how many people really wouldn’t watch the Super Bowl.  This article shows a lot of stats, but my take from the article are two things:

#1  There were about 11 million people not watching the Super Bowl this year than previous years.

#2  The only reason is because of the protests done by these football players during the last couple of years.  Now my only hope is that these particular football players (protesters) also feel that pain (financially) just like the NFL did.

Way to go American People!!!                 Also, kudo’s to the Eagles!


• on Feb 5, 2018 7:05 am

No Eagle ever knelled. They focused on football.

Looking forward to your comments.