Save money on your credit card account!


YES!!  Of course you want to save money on your credit card accounts.

Guess what?  It's not that hard.  All you have to do is call the Credit Card company.  Do not be intimidated by them.  Ask them to waive your annual fee.  Personally, I would not even have a credit card that charges an annual fee.  There are many credit cards out there they do not charge an annual fee.  If you are paying an annual fee, call that credit card company and ask them to waive that fee.  Normally they will.  If they don't, do some research and get a balance transfer to a different company that doesn't charge an annual fee.

Did you pay your payment late?  They added on a late fee. Check this out to see what the consequences are when you pay late. Call them, if you don't have a history of making late payments, they will usually waive the late charge for you.

If you call the first time and you find they are unwilling to do anything for you, call again in a few days.  Persistence will get you everywhere.

So get out that phone and start calling. Remember, Don't be intimidated by the credit card companies.  The person on the other end of the phone is just a person like me and you.

Good luck, and happy savings!