NFL-Super Bowl Sunday

Poll: 16% of NFL fans say they won’t watch the Super Bowl!


Super Bowl 52 is just a few days away.

There was a survey taken and here is the information 

What do you think the attendance will be at the Super Bowl this year?  Apparently less than years in the past.  I say good , and I hope the loss of support of the NFL numbers increases exponentially.   Every since they started  protesting at the games the NFL’s Popularity has decreased, and well it should. Nobody is against the protest itself, we are against the platform on which they decided to carry out a protest, and continue too.  It is disrespectful to our Country, our Veterans, and for all Americans that are truly proud to be American, for these (overpaid) athletes (and I use the term lightly) to kneel during the National Anthem.

These football players have plenty of money to rent out space anywhere they want to carry on their protest (Time Square) if they like.  Let’s face it, if they were not in America and in a different Country they would be arrested and jailed or even worse if they decided to protest against anything.  So I think they should get their priorities straight!!  And let’s not kid ourselves or them, they sure wouldn’t make the kind of money they make here anywhere else!!  Show some RESPECT!

Shame on the NFL for not putting a stop to this.  It is actually in their contract that any of the players doing this can be fired.  Why haven’t they been?  Is the NFL afraid to take a stance?  Yes!  That’s the problem with society as a whole.

Commercials for the Super Bowl

Shame on the advertisers of the NFL–Anheuser-Busch–Bud Light having been the worlds largest selling beer for at least 6 years running.  Well guess what–not anymore!!!  Good for the American people for boycotting Anheuser-Busch and buying less Bud Light beer, seems they switched to Miller Light!!

When the American people stand together and take action that is when things get done!!  It is unfortunate that the only thing that people pay attention too is the bottom line.  Hit them where it hurts-their pockets!!

Shame on the NFL, I hope it hurts hard enough for you to make a change.

I certainly did not hide how I feel about this situation, send me a line and let me know your thoughts.