Financial Woes Across the Nation

You are not alone! Unfortunately financial stresses are a part of life. Take a look on what your individual state struggles with the most....

From Hawaii to Florida and every state in between there are Financial woes. Just to name a few;

  • Hawaii - Education is at the top of this extensive list of financial stresses. Cost of in-state-tuition rose from $3,386 to $10,671 according to 2016 numbers. It would cost a family nearly 6 figures to send their child to a public university in Hawaii.
  • Colorado - Debt stress is the most common answer for this state's worries with 27% of respondents replying that they have way to much debt.
  • Ohio -Everyday costs are Ohioans number 1 concern with a mediocre median household income at $49,429.
  • Florida - There is a price to pay to live in the sunshine state, so there is no wonder why debt is the number one financial stressor. Florida has a higher credit card debt balance per person than the national average.

Take a look at your states major financial stresses: 

So remember you are not the only American who worries about their finances, but it's up to you to take that first step in financial freedom! Saving Sense is here to help guide you through your journey to financial freedom. Making that first step seem effortless!