Equifax, I mean Experian you did what????

Not again!!!! Say its not so!

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Looks like even Meatloaf can be proven wrong, two out of three is BAD!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse with our credit rating corporations they go and do it again. This time it was Experian who let us down and exposed our private information. But first let me enlighten you of some recent news on the Equifax debacle and what our best minds have came up with for a possible solution. When I read these articles all I can do is laugh, only because I have run out tears and hope that our governmental system will do the right thing and right their wrongs. Without further ado here we go….

Sen. Elizebeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia on Wednesday January 10th, 2018 introduced legislation that would let the FTC fine the credit reporting agencies in the event of a data breach. “The financial incentives here are all out of whack” Warren said in his statement. “Equifax allowed personal data on more than half of the adults in the country to get stolen, and its legal liability is so limited that it may make money off the breach.” If passed the Federal Trade Commission would be have the authority to inspect and monitor such agencies as Equifax to ensure they are protecting and safe guarding our personal information. The bill would also allow the FTC to asses fines at minimum of $100, in which  half of that fine would go to the effected consumer, as reparations for dereliction of their duties.

*In Equifax’s case that fine would amount to $14.3 billion. However, fines would be capped at 50% of a company’s gross revenue from the prior year.

*Sen. Warren also proposed a bill last year that allow consumers to freeze their credit reports indefinitely and unfreeze them at no charge. This same bill would also prevent companies from using personal credit reports when making hiring decisions. For this article in it’s entirety, Click Here.

Stay tuned to see if two Democratic Senators can make a difference in a Republic government. 

Experian, how are you protecting American’s most secure personal information?

Oh that’s right you are not…

You’re probably asking yourself, how exactly did this happen this time? Well, Alteryx is a marketing analytics firm. They sell access to their own marketing product, Alteryx designer with data, which incorporates Experian and other data, such as public information from the US Census Bureau, for about $39,000 per license. That being said, they apparently left an unsecured database online that publicly exposed sensitive information for about 123 million U.S households. This spreadsheet, available to any Amazon web service account holder to pursue, data containing: addresses, finances, and demographics collected by Experian. According to UpGuard security researchers, “The data exposed in this bucket would be invaluable for unscrupulous marketers, spammers, and identity thieves.”

Which Experian replied, the data exposure was due to no fault of their own IT systems. This is an Alteryx issue. For more details on this quiet security breach that happened on October 6th, 2017, here are a few links… Experian Exposure.

This one even came as a shock to me! Surprising I know, but come on now. “Just when I thought they couldn’t possibly get any dumber, they doing something like this… and totally redeem themselves!” – Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

Blame and Denial, the two most common responses to guilt. “Don’t play the victim of circumstances you created.” Yet again another example of a large corporation’s greed and stupidity leading to the mishandling of our most personal and sensitive information. This all “quietly” taking place under our governments watchful eye. Unfortunately for us this dereliction of duty and lack of regulations comes at a high price for, yet again, the average American like you and I. When all we are trying to do is chase that illusive pursuit of happiness and live  a life as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. I think I remember reading this once upon a time somewhere… I digress for now, until next time I leave you with this: Maybe these credit report agencies are racing for the triple crown? TransUnion are you up to the challenge?

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