Equifax Hack- Answers- Protect yourself


Image result for equifaxAs I sit and wonder what the heck is happening in this world right now I find it mind boggling.  Equifax hack has everyone wondering what they should do and what is going to happen to them or when it’s going to happen to them.

Now I am an ordinary person, I don’t have a lot of anything, but have everything I need to live a good life.  Should I be worried, well I try not to be.  I read all the things being published about the hack.  Well up until today I haven’t read a clear resolution as to what I should do to protect myself so when I read this article I decided to go along with what it suggests to do in the hopes that it will give me a little piece of mind.  Five simple things.  Pretty easy.

Is this the solution, probably not.  But I hope that anyone reading this does these 5 simple things.  

Should Equifax pay for this?  Absolutely, even if they do who is going to benefit from it, no one who has been hacked,that I’m pretty sure off.  Will the government dig them out of this, probably at the consumers expense.  Sound familiar.  Really when is this stuff going to stop, when are the American people going to start to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around them.  Do what you can do every chance you have to make America a better place for all.

I am going to try and believe that I will not be hindered by this Hack.  I will continue to protect myself with the things that are in my control see this.  I am not going to go out looking for credit right now, if I need to I am going to make sure that the source is only going to look at the other two credit sources: TransUnion and Experian.

I think the biggest most important thing that you can do, is continually check your accounts.  I hope this helps a little in what you can do on a personal level to get a piece of mind.  Good luck.