Destruction and Devastation

hurricane Irma-overlay-tease

So much destruction and devastation right now in the world.  It makes my heart sad, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.  There will be some comfort for people who have made the right decisions in having insurance and carrying the right kind of insurance.  Homes, automobiles, boats, and it doesn't stop there, but all of those things can be insured.  You know, I think that one of the biggest rip offs is insurance. I say that because I pay into all year every year and may not ever need to use it.  If you do use it, they raise the rate! The truth is you can not afford to be without it.  Buy it wisely, when it comes to insurance there are so many options.  Ask about those options, call different companies, find out what best meets your individual needs and your pocketbook.  Please get insurance. Even if you feel the way I do about it.  If you were wondering I do carry different types of insurance.

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