Christmas special-Not your ordinary gift!

Suze Orman’s Protection Portfolio: Silver Edition

An ordinary Christmas gift!

OK, so you may be laughing about this.  This is a great gift for anyone.

I myself have one and have had it for years.  It is a tremendous help to me.  First, because I can never find anything.  Specially when I put it somewhere I am bound to remember haha.  Secondly, when I first got it in the mail, I was all excited about getting my financial affairs in order.  I went through it piece by piece, section by section.  It pointed out to me things I did not have and things I should have. Things I didn't know, things I need to do. So I put together a plan to fill that box with the things that I needed to have.

I have given them as wedding gifts to young couples starting out in the hopes that it would help them to get organized in this area of their life.  It may not be an X box or something really really fun, but you will be glad you have it or purchased it for a loved one.

I know all this sounds serious, and you know it really is.  I surely hope that no-one I love every finds themselves in a bad situation that they can not recoup from because they didn't take the time to secure their finances so that  they and their loved ones are taken care of.  Protection


All you young adults out there (that's anyone younger than me) (57), you and your little ones are our future and theirs.  Let's get them off to a good start.  Your never to young or old to learn about finances.

If you don't realize it already, everyone's life revolves around their finances.

More information and different options are here, you might be pleasantly surprise getting something out of the ordinary or even giving something out of the ordinary.