Why are we more concerned with Facebook than we are with Equifax!!!

A Cybersecurity Breach at Equifax Left Pretty Much Everyone’s “Financial” Data Vulnerable 143 million U.S. consumers were compromised.  Criminals were able to access the social security numbers, birth dates, and addresses for a massive—but as yet unspecified—number of U.S. consumers. The hack also included credit card numbers for more than 200,000 Americans and documentation related

And now a word from our friends at…..

Time for an update on some of America’s finest…. Equifax It comes to no surprise to me, but for those who have forgotten, the largest security breach in U.S. history still has not been resolved. If the lack of resolution isn’t enough to upset you maybe this article will. “Equifax data breach was bigger than

Life of a Salesman

Warning: This blog and video may not be suitable for children or any sensitive adults. Welcome to our financial service industry… The Insurance Salesman, we all know at least one of them. But what you probably don’t know is how one becomes an insurance salesmen. After all, this is not a sought out profession, one

These are the people are representing the US?

Before I get into who our congressmen really are here is an update on our 2018 fiscal budget debacle… February 8, 2018 at midnight our United States congress done did it again and closed it’s doors. “US government officially shuts down as congress fails to pass spending bill in time.” The senate failed to pass

Decline of NFL fans for this years Super Bowl

Decline of NFL fans In my last blog I was sharing about the decline of NFL fans that would be watching the Super Bowl on television. Just a little follow up on the Super Bowl viewers this year, related to my last post. So here is an article on the stats of the Super Bowl. 

NFL-Super Bowl Sunday

Poll: 16% of NFL fans say they won’t watch the Super Bowl!   Super Bowl 52 is just a few days away. There was a survey taken and here is the information  What do you think the attendance will be at the Super Bowl this year?  Apparently less than years in the past.  I say

Democracy or Idiocracy? You decide….

Congress shuts down the government… Again At midnight on January 20th, 2018 the US government shut its doors for three days. You maybe asking yourself, is this a joke? How does this happen? Can they do that? What does this mean? Is this how a democracy operates? Will this save or cost Americans? What the

What to expect come tax time

    What to expect come tax time? Income tax time–Tuesday April 17, 2018 That’s the date.  Did you let the IRS hold your hard earned money all of last year?  Shame on you!  Most everyone wants the most taken out of their checks all year long, so that when it’s tax time  they hope they

Equifax, I mean Experian you did what????

Not again!!!! Say its not so! Looks like even Meatloaf can be proven wrong, two out of three is BAD! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse with our credit rating corporations they go and do it again. This time it was Experian who let us down and exposed our private information. But

Veterans what can we do for you

          US Veterans what can we do for you to give back for all you have done for us..         VA loans are a good start.  If you are or ever have been in the US Military Services you can apply for VA loans.  Here is a little