Adam’s Advice

Balance Transfer from your current high APR credit card to a 0% APR credit card.

In my case I have a capital one quicksilver credit card with a 19.5% APR and I knew that I was changing jobs and increasing my monthly living expenses. Also with the current Equifax debacle which has directly affected my life and credit standings. I had to act fast. This was not an easy task this day and age, but through persistency and a can do attitude, I have accomplished my goals. The Barclay Ring Mastercard was the credit card that finally accepted the 0% balance transfer for 15 months. But not at first it took a credit check, hours of my time, and a few phone calls, but it paid off.  My last phone call lead me to talking to a credit specialist within their company who had the power to reconsider my initial rejection. He asked me to explain my situation and why it was important to me to be approved for this transaction. After a 15 minute conversation explaining my situation he had the authority right then and there to rescind the rejection and accept the 0% balance transfer. I could not believe it! He opened the Barclay Ring Card, gave me a $5,000 credit limit, and sent my new card in the mail. I checked the mail everyday still in disbelief, but 5 days later it was here and everything he told me was true! For once in my life a credit card company actually did exactly what they said they would do. My balance transfers went through and my mission is accomplished. Much thanks to Barclay and never giving up!