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Be on the Alert!

Tax season is upon us and so are the scammers. Not only do we as American citizens have to dread this time of year, recalling all of our hard earned money being stiffened from our federal government, we now have to keep our wits about us to look out for imposter IRS agents. I know what you are thinking, like the real ones aren’t bad enough. Unfortunately this is the world we are now living in. We work our bodies to the bone to chase the American dream, and in most cases just to survive, only to hand over on average 30% of our pay to our government, and the rest to be stolen by criminals. Not only are these people parading around as IRS agents preying on the elderly and foreign citizens, but most are not even American!

Tuesday April 3, 2018 

  • I received the first call at 8:35 am, a missed call from (202) 734-6160, Washington D.C, the voicemail is posted above.
  • I called back 11:45 am when I took my lunch break. An Indian man was on the other line who preceded to tell me that I have been fraudulent on my income taxes and the local authorities have issued a warrant for my arrest. It took about 5 minutes and 3 times repeated back until I could understand what he was saying because his accent was so thick. In the background I heard other callers on the other lines and a lot of chatter. He than insisted I get a pen and paper to write down my ID number: 001003636. After I had had enough, I asked for his name, he replied,  “Agent Mike Smith” and hung up.
  • Bewildered I called back after a few minutes so I could ingest what just took place and to chat at 12:05PM with no avail. The voicemail box was curiously full due to high volume, so I hung up.
  • They called back at 12:36 pm and unfortunately I was back to work and unable to answer my phone.
  • When I finished work and had a few hours lapsed I was feeling infuriated that there are people out there stealing hard earned money from the innocent, so I called back 2:53 pm, 3:55 pm, 7:20 pm with again no avail.

These people are the worst of worst and have a reserved spot in the darkest and hottest part of hell. What these scammers are looking for are elderly Americans and recently made foreign citizens who do not quite understand American law. They call to bully you into believing that you have been fraudulent on your income tax filing and that the local police have issued an arrest warrant. They use fear, misrepresentation, and your naivety in hopes that you will open up your checkbook and settle the discrepancy or in reality the demands they make up. This amount could range from a few thousands dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are predators who prey on the innocent: Your grandparents, your neighbors, your friends, our fellow Americans. Do your part as a concerned human being and report them to the proper authorities if this happens to you. Furthermore share this sad news with someone else and stop them in their tracks. Knowledge is power, but only if applied and shared.

To report a scam please refer to this IRS website or file a complaint directly to:

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