Gun control or Self control??

Guns are they necessary?

Bill of Rights:Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

This has been the main topic of debate. Are our constitutional rights being infringed on? Is the second amendment up for interpretation because we are in different times then those of our fore fathers?

I believe that we should keep the right to bearer arms relative to the times we live in. I strongly believe there is no need for every American citizen to exercise this right to carry a firearm. This privilege should only be used if your occupation is one of service and protection. If nothing else we should administer an I.Q or competency test for anyone wishing to buy a gun. I would much rather have smart people carrying guns then ignorant individuals carrying them, like our current situation.

Congress: "House passes school safety bill, but unlikely to take more action on guns."

Student, Teachers, and Officer's Prevention or STOP School Violence Act

The bill would authorize $50 million in grant funding for schools to conduct training to prevent student violence, set up anonymous reporting systems for threats and implement other safety protocols.

“The best way to keep our students and teachers safe is to give them the tools and the training to recognize the warning signs to prevent violence from ever entering our school grounds,” Florida Republican John Rutherford adds.

My Thoughts: Isn't it bad enough we are killing Mother Earth, do we really need to kill each other too? Guns are not the problem, we are. Instead of taking guns off store shelves (which lets face it, most of the guns used for these tragedies are not licensed and registered guns to begin with) and making up more laws and regulations, lets try educating Americans! We must stop fixing our permanent problems with temporary solutions. If we had an educated, loving, and united society we would have no need for guns to protect us.  How do we get there? The answer is SIMPLE: "unplug" and get back to the basics instead of continuing our current reality of instant gratification where every answer is at the click of a mouse. We need to go back to human interaction. Ask questions, pursue higher education, socialize with your real friends, go outside, turn off your boob tube, sign off of social media, put down your phone, tell someone you love them, hug a stranger, smile, play, live, laugh, love... We have lost sight of what is important in this world and that is how we treat each other. None of this material crap matters, you can't take it with you in the end. So give it away and start living life again without those shackles.

Food for Thought: Even world renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, gave us his concerns about technology and society before saying his final goodbye.

For more information on our nations gun reforms and the ongoing debate: Gun Control

"We're the mass shooting generation," Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the Florida High School shooting, said on "60 Minutes."

How much worse does it have to get???

"WE must be the change that WE wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi